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The Best 15 Thrift Stores Like Goodwill: A Comprehensive Guide

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Thrift stores like Goodwill are like treasure chests – you never know what hidden gems you might uncover each visit. Who doesn’t love scoring quality items at bargain prices?

Goodwill is one of the most popular national thrift store chains, known for their low prices and extensive product selection. However, there are many other excellent thrift stores that are similar to Goodwill in their offerings and charitable mission.

In this complete guide, I’ll highlight the top 15 thrift stores like Goodwill that should be on your radar, along with other local thrifting options to explore in your area. I will give you some thrifting tips that come in handy when visiting each of the thrift shops.

Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

Thrifting at stores like Goodwill is all about the thrill of the hunt for hidden treasures at rock bottom prices. This article outlined the top thrift chains to explore, along with shopping strategies to unlock deals and support great causes.

  • Salvation Army and Goodwill lead the pack of national non-profit thrift chains giving back.
  • Score savings up to 90% off retail at major thrifty chains like Value Village and Savers.
  • Specialty stores like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads offer curated vintage and designer fashions.
  • Your purchases at shops like Habitat Restore fund programs assisting those in need.
  • Visit thrift stores often to uncover fresh batches of exciting pre-loved finds.
  • Don’t forget to check local charity shops, church rummages and garage sales for hidden gems!

Happy treasure hunting at the best thrift stores like Goodwill!

Top Thrift Stores Like Goodwill

1. Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a thrift store powerhouse, operating over 2,500 thrift locations across the United States. This charitable organization runs their thrift shops to fund a variety of community programs and social services.

With a mission to “do the most good”, the Salvation Army serves over 25 million Americans each year. Shopping and donating to Salvation Army thrift stores directly helps support these worthwhile programs.

What You Can Find

Much like Goodwill, the Salvation Army offers an extensive and eclectic product mix at affordable prices. Browse aisles stuffed with clothing, furniture, books, toys, household items, and more.

Shopping Experience

Expect neatly organized floors with frequently marked-down prices. The merchandise is displayed simply, which adds to the thrifting adventure. You never know what small treasure you may uncover in the racks!

Donation Process

Donating to the Salvation Army is easy. Drop items at your local store or schedule a pickup if you have large/bulk items to donate conveniently from your door.


  • Massive national thrift chain raising money for those in need
  • Easy to locate a store in most cities and towns
  • Huge assortment across all categories
  • New deliveries mean new selections daily
  • Frequent specials and sales for the best deals
  • Supports an array of community outreach programs

2. Savers

Operated by the for-profit company Savers, Inc, this thrift store chain has over 300 locations across the United States and Canada. Though not technically a non-profit, Savers partners with various charitable organizations by giving them a share of all sales revenue.

What You Can Find

Savers lives up to its name by offering thrifty shoppers great savings on a diverse range of merchandise. Find everything from clothing to furniture, small electronics, books, toys, household items and home decor.

Shopping Experience

The stores are large, clean and neatly organized. Categories are clearly labeled throughout the sales floors to make browsing efficient. Special markdowns and sales happen frequently.

Donation Process

Donate your gently used items at any local store and receive a coupon for savings on a future purchase.


  • Huge selection across all shopping categories
  • Rewards program for discounts
  • Stores are modern, clean and spacious
  • New inventory arrives daily
  • Support community organizations via sales proceeds
  • Competitive pricing with frequent promotions

3. Value Village

With over 300 thrift locations mostly across the United States and Canada, Value Village is another leading thrift chain. As a non-profit, Value Village directs proceeds to support programs assisting people with disabilities and other needs.

What You Can Find

The variety is amazing here – Value Village strives to offer thrifty shoppers a dependable selection of essentials as well as unique discoveries. Find clothing, shoes, accessories, furniture, small electronics, books, toys, home goods and more.

Shopping Experience

The stores are clean, spacious and brightly lit. Inventory is frequently updated to keep the selection fresh and exciting to browse.

Donation Process

Donate your unused goods at any store location and receive a voucher in return to save on your next purchase.


  • Non-profit supporting community initiatives
  • Clean, modern store environments
  • New merchandise arriving daily
  • Deep discounts through sales and specials
  • One of the largest thrift chains
  • A vast array of products like clothing, shoes, home items
  • Easy donation process for unused goods

4. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Operated by the nonprofit Habitat for Humanity, ReStore locations resell new and used home goods, furniture, appliances, and more. Sales from ReStore helps local Habitat chapters fund construction projects building affordable housing for families in need.

What You Can Find

With a focus on home-related merchandise, ReStore carries appliances large and small, furniture, home decor, hardware, building materials, and tools. Expect to find great deals on both used and new surplus items.

Shopping Experience

The warehouse setup makes browsing feel like a treasure hunt. Sales and specials are ongoing, so persistently checking for newly marked-down goods pays off.

Donation Process

Donating to ReStore is easy – schedule a pickup online or drop off gently used building supplies, appliances, fixtures, furniture and home items at your nearest location.


  • Supports Habitat for Humanity’s mission to build affordable housing
  • Specializes in home goods from tools to appliances
  • Treasures for home renovations and decor on a budget
  • Stock changes rapidly for a fun hunt
  • Both new and used merchandise are available
  • Easy donation processes
  • Frequent specials and clearances

5. Deseret Industries

Part of the focus of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is on assisting people in becoming self-reliant. Deseret Industries operates over 50 thrift stores predominantly in the western United States to provide job training and placement services.

What You Can Find

Shop a wide selection of clothing, shoes, furniture, home decor, media, toys and household essentials. New inventory arrives regularly.

Shopping Experience

The stores feel clean, tidy and welcoming. New product deliveries occur frequently, and specials change daily so checking often pays off.

Donation Process

Donating to Deseret Industries is easy – schedule a free pickup online or drop items off at your closest location.


  • Operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Funds job training and employment programs
  • Features constantly changing sales and specials
  • Regularly replenished product selection
  • Accepts a wide range of donated goods
  • Free pickup makes donating a breeze
  • Provides community support

6. Buffalo Exchange

With over 50 locations across the country, Buffalo Exchange is a popular upscale thrift store chain specializing in trendy and vintage clothing and accessories. Founded in 1974, Buffalo Exchange sets itself apart with its curated, boutique-like atmosphere.

What You Can Find

The apparel selection is the highlight, with carefully chosen styles and a good mix of everyday and upscale brands. You can also browse shoes, handbags, jewelry, accessories, outerwear, costumes, some furniture, books, records, home goods, and funky knick-knacks.

Shopping Experience

The stores feel polished, curated and organized by style, like a boutique. The clothing variety changes often to showcase the latest fashions. Expect elevated displays and a youthful vibe.

Donation Process

To sell clothing, it must have been purchased within the last two years and be on-trend. Other accepted items like handbags, accessories, jewelry, shoes and costumes must be gently used. Drop off items that meet the criteria to receive cash or store credit based on their resale value.


  • Specializes in trendy contemporary and vintage fashions
  • Curated stores with boutique atmospheres
  • New styles constantly arriving
  • Buy, sell and trade options for trendy apparel
  • Cool retro furniture and home goods too
  • Several locations across the US

7. Plato’s Closet

Catering to teens and 20-somethings, Plato’s Closet is a thrift store chain specializing in the latest brand name and mall clothing. With over 500 locations in the US and Canada, Plato’s Closet is highly selective in the apparel and accessories they buy and resell.

What You Can Find

Expect to browse trendy, contemporary styles with pieces from popular retailers like Nike, Adidas, Forever 21, American Eagle, Abercrombie, and more. Shop by gender to easily find tops, bottoms, outerwear, and accessories that fit your style.

Shopping Experience

The stores feel youthful, and organized neatly by size and style. There’s a cool, almost boutique vibe. Inventory changes out rapidly, so visits often pay off.

Donation Process

Items must be in excellent condition and reflect current brand name trends to be accepted. Drop off your stylish, gently used apparel and accessories to receive cash or store credit based on their potential resale value.


  • Specializes in the latest fast fashion and mall brands
  • Trendy, carefully curated selection
  • New deliveries multiple times a week
  • Buy, sell and trade gently worn apparel
  • Several hundred locations across North America

8. Crossroads Trading

Crossroads Trading also focuses on stylishly curated contemporary and vintage fashion. But beyond apparel, Crossroads buys and sells accessories, outerwear, shoes, costumes, furniture, artwork, vinyl records, jewelry, and accessories.

What You Can Find

Expect a well-edited mix of affordable on-trend as well as retro and vintage clothing and accessory styles. You’ll also find some funky furniture, home decor pieces, and kitschy collectibles.

Shopping Experience

The stores are designed with a cool, boutique aesthetic. Inventory changes frequently. Categories are thoughtfully merchandised for easy browsing.

Donation Process

Crossroads buys gently used fashion clothing, costumes, accessories and household decor goods to resell in-store. Items must be clean and in great shape. Sellers receive cash or store credit based on current resale market value.


  • Cool selection of stylish contemporary and vintage fashion
  • Additional categories like accessories, shoes and home goods
  • Selectively curated and displayed merchandise
  • Regularly updated product mix
  • Buy, sell and trade options for pre-loved items in good condition
  • Several brick and mortar shop locations

9. Once Upon a Child

A leader in kids resale, Once Upon a Child selectively buys and sells quality, gently used children’s apparel, toys, books, baby gear, and more. With over 450 stores nationwide, they make shopping thrift a breeze for busy families.

What You Can Find

Browse children’s clothing from infants to juniors, sorted by size and style as well as toys, games, books, baby equipment like strollers and playpens, furniture, and more. Popular brands like Justice, Nike, Carter’s, and OshKosh fill the racks.

Shopping Experience

The stores are neatly organized by age range, category, and size. The knowledgeable staff happily helps find items for your unique needs. The product mix changes frequently to showcase fresh inventory.

Donation Process

Gently used children’s apparel, shoes, baby gear, toys, furniture, and accessories in good condition may be sold for cash or store credit. Items must meet current safety standards.


  • Massive selection of children’s apparel, toys and gear
  • Items sorted neatly by gender, size, and age
  • New pieces arriving frequently
  • Many locations across the US
  • Option to resell quality kids’ items

10. Clothes Mentor

Pre-owned doesn’t have to mean out of style. Clothes Mentor offers urban sophisticates quality recycled fashions for women. Specializing in contemporary and designer brands, each piece is carefully hand-selected to reflect current trends and classic styles.

What You Can Find

Browse premium brands like Ann Taylor, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Chico’s, and White House Black Market. The racks are filled with apparel, shoes, jewelry, handbags and accessories in new arrivals daily.

Shopping Experience

With pretty displays and neat organization by size and product type, shopping feels like an upscale boutique. Outfits are thoughtfully styled to inspire your look.

Donation Process

Gently worn contemporary apparel and accessories from coveted brands in excellent condition may be sold for cash or credit. Items must have been purchased in the past 2 years.


  • Discounted prices on quality womenswear
  • Premium contemporary and designer brands only
  • New fashions arrive daily
  • Store layouts mimic upscale boutiques
  • Option to resell fashionable contemporary styles

11. Uptown Cheapskate

Another hot spot for stylish thrift finds is Uptown Cheapskate. Focusing on gently worn clothing, shoes and accessories for teens and young women, this chain is seeking out the latest fast fashion and contemporary brands at bargain prices.

What You Can Find

Browse trendy styles from retailers like Nike, Lululemon, Brandy Melville, PacSun, Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie. Expect apparel, outerwear, intimates, jewelry, shoes, bags, and accessories in good condition reflecting recent trends.

Shopping Experience

Uptown Cheapskate has a youthful, almost boutique-like vibe. Stores are brightly lit and neatly displayed by category and size. The product selection evolves constantly, so check back often.

Donation Process

Fashionable, contemporary styles in excellent used condition may be sold for cash or store credit based on their resale value. Mall brand names from the past 1-2 years are ideal donations.


  • Massive selection of latest fast fashion and mall brands
  • New deliveries multiple times a week
  • Trendy, boutique setup and styles
  • Caters to teens, college students and young women
  • Option to resell your gently worn apparel

12. Goodwill Outlet

Operated by Goodwill, the Goodwill Outlet provides bargain hunters another option for thrifting by the pound. These warehouses collect unsold merchandise from other Goodwill stores and resell it at shockingly low prices – often under $1 per pound!

What You Can Find

It’s a treasure hunt mentality here, with the selection varying from day to day. Categories often include clothing, shoes, books, home decor, kitchenware, small electronics, toys, furniture and more. Be ready to dig and sift to uncover hidden gems.

Shopping Experience

The outlets have a warehouse vibe, with shoppers able to forage through bins for rare finds. Be ready to put in some work to uncover exciting treasures other buyers may have missed.

Donation Process

Donate gently used goods to regular Goodwill stores, which may end up at the outlets if not sold within a certain timeframe.


  • Incredibly affordable prices, often under $1 per pound
  • Ever-changing selection requires a bit of work
  • The ultimate thrifting treasure hunt
  • You never know what you may uncover
  • Supporting Goodwill’s mission through purchases
  • Donations route unsold goods to the outlets

13. Thrift Town

Concentrated on the West Coast with over 100 locations, Thrift Town is a go-to for thrifty California shoppers. Though items don’t have the markdown color-coded labels like Goodwill, the prices are still a bargain.

What You Can Find

Thrift Town offers shoppers an extensive range of used goods like clothing, shoes, home decor, furniture, small appliances, kitchenware, toys, sporting goods and electronics.

Shopping Experience

The stores are tidy and easy to navigate by category. Special deals and sales help you save even more on already low prices. Check back frequently for newly stocked inventory.

Donation Process

Drop off gently used items at your nearest store and receive cash or store credit based on current resale value.


  • 100+ locations in California, Nevada and Oregon
  • Huge selection across all categories
  • New inventory arriving continuously
  • Ongoing specials and markdowns
  • Recycling unused items to support community programs
  • Easy donation drop-offs for cash/credit

14. Unique Thrift Store

With over 75 stores predominantly along the Eastern United States, Unique Thrift Stores is another leading non-profit thrift chain. Their mission focuses on supporting various community programs through their sales.

What You Can Find

Unique Thrift Store offers an extensive range of merchandise like clothing, accessories, contemporary home furnishings, antique decor, books, collectibles, small electronics and jewelry.

Shopping Experience

The stores are spacious and tidy, with weekly 50% off color specials that rotate. Fresh inventory arrives continuously, making checking back often worthwhile.

Donation Process

Donating your gently used goods is easy by dropping them off at a nearby Unique Thrift location. Larger donations may qualify for free at-home pickup.


  • Vast selection across all shopping categories
  • Fresh stock every day means new treasures
  • Modern stores with neatly categorized goods
  • Huge 50% off weekly specials
  • Supports an array of charitable causes
  • Easy donation drop-offs or scheduled pickups

15. The Salvation Army Family Store

With over 100 stores, The Salvation Army Family Store focuses specifically on providing clothing, shoes, furniture, household items, books, toys, and home decor to those needing an affordable shopping option. If you love the thrift options at Salvation Army but find the offerings overwhelming, the Family Stores offer a more curated and simplified selection.

What You Can Find

Necessities like casual clothing for all ages, coats, boots, kitchenware, linens, books, toys and baby items like strollers and highchairs fill the shelves. The emphasis is on the basics.

Shopping Experience

The stores have a simple, no-frills setup focused on neat organization and displays to showcase their focused inventory. The prices promote affordability.

Donation Process

Support The Salvation Army mission by donating new and gently used household goods and apparel. Schedule free pickups for large donations or drop off smaller bags and boxes at your nearest store.


  • Part of the Salvation Army’s aid efforts
  • More curated, necessity-based product mix
  • Caters to low-income individuals and families
  • Affordable prices on essentials
  • Less hunting is required with a focus on basics
  • Schedule free pickups for donations

Other Thrift Stores Like Goodwill to Check Out

Beyond big chains, here are some other local thrifting shops similar to Goodwill worth exploring:

Charity Shops

Smaller community non-profits, church groups and hospital auxiliaries often run used goods shops. Though hours may be limited, deals can be found supporting great causes. I once found a $10 cashmere sweater at a local hospital’s re-sale corner!

Independent Thrift Stores

Privately owned thrift shops reflect their neighborhood vibe and loyalty of local regulars. Without big overheads, many offer rock-bottom pricing. Taking the time to explore indie thrift spots near you can uncover hidden gems.

Consignment Shops

For more curated and upscale used fashions, consignment boutiques are wonderful local options. Brands like Clothes Mentor, Plato’s Closet and Uptown Cheapskate have national reach. But small consignment shops also carry quality luxury brands at slashed prices. Designer handbag lovers, take note!

Online Marketplaces

Virtual thrifting is at its peak thanks to platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, Nextdoor and more. Browse secondhand finds available for local pickup by sellers near you. Communicating directly with sellers also means room for negotiation!

Resale Apps

Sellers list used fashion, accessories, home goods and more on apps like Poshmark, Mercari, Curtsy, Depop, thredUP and beyond. With robust search capabilities, deal hunting by category, brand or item is a breeze.

Garage and Estate Sales

Stopping by garage, yard, tag and estate sales in your community can turn up great thrifted treasures. The random assortment lends itself to fun browsing, and the opportunity to negotiate prices is very possible! Arrive early for the best selection.

Vintage and Antique Shops

Looking for unique vintage fashion, decor and accessories with history and character? Local vintage, antique and secondhand boutiques are wonderful resources. Take time to slow down and uncover true secondhand gems.

What to Look For at Thrift Stores Like Goodwill

Now that you know some top stores to explore, let’s discuss strategies to help you thrift like a pro!


Inspect clothes for stains, odors, needed repairs, and signs of wear. Try garments on, even if it requires waiting for a fitting room. Feel fabric quality and construction to identify natural materials like cotton, wool, and leather.

Check all pockets before purchasing in case there’s anything inside. Scan clothing tags for materials and sizing info. Look up brands online you aren’t familiar with to gauge authenticity and value.


Examine soles and insides for excessive wear. Minor scuffs can usually be remedied with polish or cleaning. Try both shoes on and walk around to check fit and comfort. Leather shoes can often be revived with new soles and heels.


Assess furniture frames and stability. Light scratches can add charm, but be wary of pieces with excessive wobbling, chipping, or damage. Evaluate what can be fixed up vs. what requires extensive repairs. Test chairs, lighting, shelves, and cabinet doors for functionality.

Home Goods

Look over glassware, dishes, and serving pieces for chips and cracks. Check appliance functionality – plug in and turn electronics on. See if electronics come with needed cables and accessories. Confirm puzzles/games have all original pieces.

Shopping Strategies

  • Check all areas: clothes, shoes, books, art, electronics. Easy to miss hidden treasures!
  • Visit frequently as inventory changes daily.
  • Ask staff about upcoming promotions and the best days/times to visit.
  • Inspect items closely. Search for brand names, materials, and damage.
  • Try everything on – clothing, shoes, jewelry. Ignore size labels.
  • Open boxes and bags fully to view contents. Make sure all the pieces are there.
  • Negotiate prices for furniture, home goods, and bundles. Can’t hurt to kindly ask!
  • Join loyalty programs for extra perks, coupons, and deals.

Donating and Volunteering

Decluttering your home while doing good? Here’s the scoop on donating:

What They’ll Take

Gently worn clothing and shoes, belts, purses, accessories, toys, movies, music, books, artwork, collectibles, small appliances, home decor, furniture, kitchenware, tools, and craft supplies. Most don’t accept large exercise equipment, TVs, mattresses, weapons, flammables, or broken items.

Drop-Off Donations

Most thrift stores have easy drop-off processes where you simply hand off your sealed bags and boxes yourself at the store. Some may give you a tax receipt on request. Ask staff for assistance getting larger donations inside.

Schedule Pick-Ups

Most chains like Goodwill will pick up furniture, large appliances, and multiple bags/boxes of household goods for free. This spares you from lugging bulky items yourself. Simply visit their website and choose a date for the convenient at-home pickup.


For high-end clothing, accessories, shoes, and goods in immaculate shape, select stores like Buffalo Exchange and Crossroads will buy outright or sell on consignment. You get cash or credit, they add new coveted inventory. Ask stores about their seller processes.


If thrifting is your passion, volunteering allows you to get involved behind the scenes. Tasks may include sorting inventory, creating displays, managing donation drop-offs, stocking shelves, aiding shoppers, and more. Check individual store websites for opportunities.

Why Shop at Thrift Stores Like Goodwill

What exactly makes thrift stores like Goodwill so magical? Here are some stellar benefits:

Save Money

This is an obvious one, but the opportunity to snag quality items at bargain basement prices is unmatched. Designer brands, trendy apparel, rare collectibles, and antique furnishings are all fair game.

Find Unique Treasures

With constantly changing inventory, entering a thrift store is like an exciting treasure hunt. That one-of-a-kind vintage accessory or kitschy t-shirt adds character to your life and style. There are treasures waiting to be uncovered on every visit.

Support Worthy Causes

Non-profit thrift stores direct proceeds to employment, training, and support programs assisting those in need. Your purchases make an impact on your local community. Even for-profit chains partner with charities.

Reduce Waste

Donating unused household goods and clothing prevents useful items from clogging landfills. Shopping secondhand keeps quality pieces circulating in use rather than tossed out.

New Finds Every Time

With new inventory cycling in daily, frequent visits reveal fresh batches of clothes, furniture, and treasures. The hunt is always changing, which adds to the thrill.

Thrilling, Treasure Hunt Vibe

There’s just a fun, addiction-inducing atmosphere of searching thrift racks and shelves to uncover unexpected prizes. You never know what you might find on each addicting visit. Happy hunting!

Final Thoughts on Stores Like Goodwill

I hope this overview of the top thrift stores like Goodwill provides a helpful starting guide to secondhand and consignment shopping options in your region.

Supporting local thrift stores means quality goods for you at an affordable price while also giving back and helping the environment by reusing goods.

Next time you need to revamp your wardrobe, upgrade some furniture, or simply desire an exciting hunt for treasures, explore this list of 15 excellent national, regional and local thrift chains similar to Goodwill.

Each store has its own unique finds waiting for you. Happy thrifting! Let me know in the comments if you discover any new gems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some common questions on the best thrift stores similar to Goodwill:

What are some thrift stores like Goodwill near me?

Some top national chains to check are Salvation Army, Savers, Value Village, and Habitat for Humanity ReStore. Search online for locations near you. Local charity shops and church rummage sales also offer deals.

What days do thrift stores like Goodwill have sales?

Many chains run weekly specials like 50% off certain categories each day or dollar deals on Sundays. Ask your local stores for their weekly promotions schedule.

What are the best things to buy at thrift stores like Goodwill?

Treasure hunters find gems in clothing, shoes, books, furniture, home decor, accessories, and housewares. Seek out timeless fashions, antique furnishings, kitschy retro items, and vintage jewelry.

How much do things cost at thrift stores like Goodwill?

Prices are around 90% less than retail, with most everyday items under $10. Designer goods are marked up slightly but still a steal. Some wares sold by the pound cost mere cents per item.

What should I avoid buying at thrift stores like Goodwill?

Pass on items with stains, tears, damage or odors. Mattresses and upholstered furniture could have bugs. Avoid electronics/appliances not tested. Examine all items closely before purchasing.

How often does thrift store inventory change?

Donations arrive daily, so product selection evolves constantly. Visit thrift stores like Goodwill frequently to uncover fresh batches of exciting pre-loved finds.

Can I donate my used clothes and household items?

Yes! Most stores accept donations of gently worn goods during business hours. Larger amounts can be scheduled for convenient pick-up from your home. Donating prevents waste and supports non-profits.

Are there thrift stores I can shop online?

Online platforms like thredUP, Poshmark and eBay offer secondhand clothes and goods. Browse unique treasures from home and receive items by mail. Brick-and-mortar thrifting still provides the best hunting experience.

Hope these tips help you unlock the best of thrifting at stores similar to Goodwill! Share your hunt finds with me.

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