Thrifting is an art. A skill to be honed and mastered over time. With the right approach, anyone can go from rookie to thrifting pro. Curious how? Read on to learn the secrets.

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    Know When to Shop –> Every thrift store has prime days and times. Ask employees when new inventory hits the floors. Show up early to beat the crowds. Watch for discount days to maximize your savings.

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    Come Equipped — Bring tools to transport your finds: reusable bags, backpacks, carabiners. Thrift stores rarely provide carts or baskets. You’ll be carrying everything out by hand. Don’t let a lack of bags stop you from snagging those vintage tees!

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    Open Your Mind –> Approach thrifting with curiosity and patience. Don’t go hunting for something specific. Let the items speak to you. The more open-minded you are, the better your hauls will be.

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Take Risks –> Don’t only buy what’s trendy. Take chances on unique vintage and classic brand names. Thrifting is about finding your style. Buy what you love.

Examine Items Closely –> Inspect each piece for flaws before purchasing. Look for stains, tears, missing pieces. High quality goods in great condition are worth the price. Damaged items are not.


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With the right mindset and techniques, thrifting mastery is within your grasp. Follow these tips to unlock your inner thrifting pro. Happy treasure hunting!