Best thrift stores in Pasadena, CA

The Top 17 Best Thrift Stores in Pasadena, CA for Bargain Hunters!

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Thrifting and hunting for secondhand treasures has become a passion for many shoppers in Pasadena. With so many excellent thrift stores to explore, it’s no wonder why!

From major chains like Goodwill and Savers to local gems like Barbara’s Treasures, Pasadena offers an eclectic mix of vintage shops, consignment boutiques, nonprofit thrifts, and more for bargain hunters.

Whether you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe with unique fashions, decorate your home with retro Mid-Century Modern finds, or simply enjoy a fun day out treasure hunting, Pasadena has a fantastic selection of secondhand stores to browse.

I’ve curated a list of the top 17 best thrift stores in Pasadena to help you plan your vintage shopping adventure in this charming Southern California city. Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

Pasadena is a thrifting haven brimming with secondhand treasures.

  • Pasadena offers a bounty of thrift and consignment shops to explore
  • Options span major chains to indie boutiques benefitting great causes
  • Affordable deals on clothing, accessories, furniture, decor and more
  • Designer brands like Coach and lux vintage finds can be uncovered
  • Most shops benefit charities supporting health, animals and other causes
  • Prepare for success by reading thrift tips before visiting
  • Take your time browsing each shop’s unique wares and inventory
  • Make a day of it with friends, snacks breaks and photo challenges
  • Let the thrifting adventures unfold as you uncover surprising gems
  • Pasadena provides the perfect backdrop for meaningful resale explorations

Embark on a stylish secondhand shopping adventure in Pasadena soon!


Why Thrifting is So Popular in Pasadena

Thrifting has exploded in popularity in recent years, especially among younger millennials and Gen Z. Pasadena, with its trendy neighborhoods and abundant thrift options, is a prime destination for thrifting enthusiasts. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Affordable Prices: Compared to expensive mall retailers, thrift stores allow you to grab great finds at a fraction of retail prices. From designer duds to collectible decor, you can save big on quality items.
  • Unique Vintage & Retro Finds: Thrifting lets you discover one-of-a-kind vintage clothing, accessories, and decor from past eras that you won’t find anywhere else. Pasadena’s shops are filled with retro treasures.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Shopping secondhand reduces waste by giving used goods new life. Thrifting is a sustainable way to refresh your look and home.
  • Treasure Hunt Thrill: Browsing the aisles never knowing what unique item you’ll uncover next is part of the addicting thrill. You can easily spend hours treasure hunting.

With so many perks, it’s easy to understand why visiting Pasadena’s many thrift stores has become a popular hobby and pastime. Now let’s explore some tips for thrifting success before diving into the top shops.

Tips for Thrifting Success

Thrifting does take some strategy and know-how to master. Here are some handy tips for making the most of your thrifting adventures:

  • Look for quality. Inspect items closely for flaws, damages or signs of wear. Shop for high-end brands, and well-constructed furniture that appears lightly used.
  • Check all areas. Search hanging racks as well as shelves, bins, and cases for buried treasures. You never know what you’ll uncover.
  • Know your sizes. Try items on rather than assuming they’ll fit. Sizing varies widely among brands and eras.
  • Browse often. With constant turnover, frequent stops ensure you catch new inventory putouts. Early weekday mornings are best.
  • Pack patience. Be prepared to take time digging. The treasures are there if you look.
  • Bring help. For large hauls like furniture, bring a friend or two to assist with loading and transporting.
  • Have fun! Maintain a positive mindset. Thrifting should be a pleasant adventure, not a stressful chore.

With realistic expectations and a flexible attitude, your thrifting trips will be fruitful and fun. Now let’s delve into my top picks for the 17 best thrift stores in Pasadena!

The Top 17 Best Thrift Stores in Pasadena

After extensive exploring, these are my selections for Pasadena’s top thrift stores. I’ve included major chains along with local independent shops. Each offers their own unique finds, vibes and treasures waiting to be uncovered. Let’s explore!

1. Goodwill

The Goodwill located at 35 W. San Gabriel Blvd is a prime destination for thrifters. As one of the largest thrifts in Pasadena, they offer an endless selection across all categories.

Shoppers can browse aisles bursting with clothing, accessories, shoes, books, housewares, furniture, electronics, toys, collectibles and more. With new stock coming in daily, there’s always a fresh supply to sort through. Prices remain affordable, with many items under $5.

Dedicated departments spotlight furniture, mattresses, antiques and designer labels. Those willing to invest time digging are rewarded with amazing deals. Be sure to ask about current sales and specials to save even more.

Goodwill Takeaway: Massive selection across all categories makes this a prime thrifting spot.

2. Savers

Another chain thrift store worth dedicating time to explore is Savers, located at 1235 E Colorado Blvd. This large nonprofit thrift offers an impressive selection of clothing, accessories, shoes and housewares at bargain prices.

Savers is especially great for scoring deals on designer brands like Coach, Michael Kors, Kate Spade and more. They receive high-end merchandise donations often. Beyond used fashions, Savers also stocks electronics, books, toys, furniture and everyday essentials.

The colorful, organized aisles make browsing easy. Special areas highlight clothing organized by color and designer brands grouped together. With new inventory daily, it’s worth visiting often to uncover the best gems.

Savers Takeaway: A wide selection of designer brands at thrift prices make this a go-to.

3. Pasadena Humane Society Thrift Shop

For a thrifting spot that does good, head to the Pasadena Humane Society Thrift Shop at 570 S. Lake Ave. All sales directly support the nonprofit Pasadena Humane Animal Shelter and their rescue efforts.

Beyond helping a great cause, this shop offers an impressive selection of clothing, accessories, jewelry, art, collectibles, antiques, decor and furniture. The vintage inventory spans everything from chic designer womenswear to Mid-Century Modern furnishings. Prices are affordable and the merch is constantly changing.

The atmosphere feels upscale yet welcoming. Be sure to browse carefully, as priceless vintage items are often mixed in. You’re likely to uncover unique wares you won’t spot elsewhere.

Pasadena Humane Society Takeaway: Support animal rescue while thrifting high-end vintage and decor.

4. St. Vincent de Paul

Another excellent nonprofit thrift option is St. Vincent de Paul, located at 916 W. Chestnut Ave. As a charity run by the Catholic church, all sales directly assist those in need across the community.

Thrifting here lets you grab great deals on clothing, shoes, accessories, books, electronics, collectibles, furniture, appliances, housewares and more. Inventory spans everyday basics to retro finds. Hard-to-find items like plus-size clothing and vintage Pyrex kitchenware are frequently in stock.

The large, organized shop is manned by helpful volunteers. Prices are among the most affordable around, making this a budget-friendly thrifting stop. Be sure to check the weekly specials for deep discounts on select categories.

St. Vincent de Paul Takeaway: Crazy affordable prices on a huge selection of wares.

5. Barbara’s Treasures

For a curated collection of designer and vintage fashions, accessories and jewelry, head to Barbara’s Treasures at 1210 E. Washington Blvd. This upscale resale boutique is stocked with both modern and retro luxury finds.

Expect to uncover like-new Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Prada and Hermes handbags plus vintage jewelry and clothing from the 1920s and onward. The shop has an elegant, salon-style setup reflecting the quality of merchandise. Items are selectively hand-picked by the owner Barbara herself.

While pricier than chain thrifts, the finds are truly special. If your style leans toward luxury, Barbara’s Treasures is a must-visit. Calling ahead to make an appointment is recommended.

Barbara’s Treasures Takeaway: Curated high-end and vintage designer collection.

6. Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange, located at 26 E. Colorado Blvd, offers an eclectic mix of stylish secondhand clothing and accessories curated to match current trends. This upscale resale chain is selective in what it accepts, so quality and condition stay high.

The shop stocks an impressive array of contemporary, vintage and designer fashions for men and women. Expect to spot brands like Free People, Levi’s, Doc Martens and Rag & Bone. There’s also a nice selection of handbags, shoes, jewelry and belts.

The vibe is bright and trendy, perfect for the fashion-forward. Items skew toward the $15-$45 range, reflecting the brands carried. Stop by often, as inventory flips quickly.

Buffalo Exchange Takeaway: On-trend fashions and accessories in excellent condition.

7. Assistance League Pasadena

Assistance League Pasadena offers an impressive inventory of clothing, accessories, jewelry, shoes, purses, art, books, housewares and furniture at their thrift shop located at 1360 N. Raymond Ave. As a completely volunteer-run charity, all proceeds help support community programs for those in need.

The merchandise mix spans everyday basics to upscale brands and hand-picked vintage pieces. There are also boutique departments spotlighting jewelry, glassware, dishes, artwork and collectibles. Prices are affordable across the board.

Beyond great finds, you can feel good knowing purchases support programs providing school uniforms, dental care, teddy bears and more to local children and families. Be sure to browse their daily 50% off “Red Dot” sale sections for the best deals.

Assistance League Takeaway: Support a great cause while scoring stylish secondhand goods.

8. Angels Everywhere

Angels Everywhere is a smaller nonprofit thrift at 940 E. Washington Blvd. that is volunteer-run and selectively curated. All proceeds benefit programs supporting children in foster care.

The store carries a nice selection of children’s clothing, toys, games, baby gear, nursery items, books, family accessories and more. Because the merchandise is donated new, it’s in excellent condition. Brands like Carter’s, Nike, Fisher Price and more are often in stock.

Beyond kids’ wares, the shop has a smaller selection of adult clothing, shoes, accessories, decor and everyday essentials. Expect affordable pricing, ranging from $3 – $15 on most items. This is a great spot for scoring quality kids finds that give back.

Angels Everywhere Takeaway: New and gently used kids and baby gear that benefits foster children.

9. American Cancer Society Discovery Shop

The American Cancer Society runs this popular nonprofit thrift store located at 749 E. Orange Grove Blvd. Shopping here benefits cancer research, programs and patients.

The merchandise spans clothing, jewelry, purses, shoes, home decor, kitchenware, books, collectibles, and knick-knacks. There are boutique areas spotlighting fine jewelry and glassware along with an impressive book selection.

As one of the larger local thrifts, plan to spend ample time browsing the aisles here. Being selective pays off, as higher pricing reflects the national nonprofit status. Check out the weekly 50% off specials for the best deals.

ACS Discovery Shop Takeaway: Large selection of goods benefiting cancer research and patients.

10. Bargain Box Pasadena

Situated at 444 E. Washington Blvd., the Bargain Box Pasadena thrift store benefits Huntington Hospital. Beyond great deals, you’ll be supporting local healthcare.

The shop carries an extensive array of clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, accessories, vintage wares, furniture, rugs, artwork, china, books, records and various housewares. There’s also a nice children’s department.

Offering constant variety at affordable prices, the Bargain Box is worth regular trips to uncover fresh inventory putouts. Be sure to ask about any current promotions and sales.

Bargain Box Takeaway: Eclectic selection of goods supporting healthcare in Pasadena.

11. Red White & Bluezz

Red White & Bluezz is a smaller curated thrift store located at 3443 E. Foothill Blvd. Proceeds benefit the nonprofit Fannie E. Morrison Child Care Center.

The shop carries high-quality women’s and menswear, including contemporary and vintage styles along with designer brands like Anthropologie, J.Crew, and Calvin Klein. Beyond clothing, you’ll find purses, shoes, jewelry, accessories, art, books, collectibles and decor.

Expect elevated thrift pricing on merchandise, given the selective inventory combination of quality causes and wares makes this a worthwhile thrifting stop. Be sure to call ahead as hours vary.

Red White & Bluezz Takeaway: Curated selection of apparel and accessories benefiting children’s services.

12. Treasure Box Pasadena

Located at 351 S. Lake Ave., this nonprofit shop benefits seniors through Pasadena’s Center for Spiritual Living. The store carries furniture, artwork, jewelry, accessories, china, glassware, books, clothing, shoes, toys, and household items.

The vintage inventory spans a wide range of eras. Mid-century furnishings are especially abundant. As a bonus, monthly sales are held in the store’s parking lot allowing for larger discounted merchandise.

Prices remain affordable overall given the nonprofit status. Treasure Box is worth a visit for the eclectic finds, especially if you appreciate vintage wares.

Treasure Box Takeaway: Cool selection of retro finds benefiting Pasadena’s seniors.

13. Under the Rainbow

Under the Rainbow is a charming indie thrift on E. Del Mar Blvd. spotlighting toys, games, books, clothing, and nursery items for little ones. As a small nonprofit, all sales assist families with seriously ill children.

Expect to find quality brands like Melissa & Doug, Lego, Playmobil and more. There’s also a nice mix of both contemporary and vintage children’s wares. Prices are affordable compared to major retailers.

Beyond scoring great kids finds, you can feel good knowing purchases help provide funds for procedures, hospital services and equipment for ill children in need.

Under the Rainbow Takeaway: Top finds for kids benefiting seriously ill children’s care.

14. Out of the Closet

Out of the Closet at 3290 E. Foothill Blvd. is the only Los Angeles-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation thrift in Pasadena. Beyond affordable thrift, the store also provides testing services.

An extensive selection of clothing, accessories, shoes, jewelry, handbags, costumes, books, movies, music, collectibles, artwork, and home decor fill the colorful shop. A rainbow mural outside celebrates the LGBTQ community.

With constantly changing inventory, multiple trips reveal fresh merchandise. Be sure to inquire about sales and specials for the best deals on already fair pricing.

Out of the Closet Takeaway: Jam-packed selection of wares to benefit HIV/AIDS healthcare and testing.

15. Salvation Army Pasadena

Boasting multiple locations across the city, the Salvation Army is a long-standing thrift presence in Pasadena. The largest shop at 56 W. Del Mar Blvd. offers an enormous selection across all categories including clothing, accessories, shoes, books, toys, collectibles, entertainment, electronics, housewares, furniture, and home decor.

As one of the most affordable options with most items in the $3 to $10 range, this expansive thrift store appeals to bargain hunters. The sheer size means lots of gems hiding amid the selection. Weekly specials offer category sales at half-price or less.

Salvation Army Takeaway: Rock bottom prices on an endless array of secondhand finds.


AMVETS is a national charity assisting US veterans, and their Pasadena shop at 3250 E. Foothill Blvd. helps fund programs supporting vets.

The large thrift carries clothing, shoes, accessories, military surplus, outdoor gear, books, music, movies, crafts, collectibles, jewelry, furniture, housewares, decor and electronics. There are also boutique areas for glassware and memorabilia.

With constantly changing inventory, AMVETS offers a pleasing variety. Be sure to ask about any current promotions and sales for the best deals. Supporting their mission feels good too.

AMVETS Takeaway: Ever-changing selection of goods supporting programs for US veterans.

17. FIND Boutique Warehouse Sale

For discounted designer fashions, visit the FIND Boutique Warehouse at 331 W. Walnut St. The upscale consignment shop carries professional womenswear, shoes, handbags and accessories.

Expect to spot premium contemporary brands like Tory Burch, Gucci, Armani, Chloe, Valentino, Rag & Bone and more at 50-90% off retail pricing. They also carry select high-end vintage pieces.

The setup feels like a true LA fashion house. Stop by on weekends when the newest designer arrivals debut. Be sure to check Groupon as they often offer additional discount coupons.

FIND Takeaway: High-end designer womenswear and accessories at steep discounts.

Other Notable Pasadena Thrift Stores

While not in the top 17, Pasadena has a number of other quality thrift stores worth checking out:

Hope Boutique

This cute indie shop with women’s apparel, accessories, jewelry, art and books. Sales benefit cancer patients.

Twice Loved Books

Book lovers rejoice! Huge selection of used books across all genres.

Community Baptist Church Thrift

Local church-run shop offering super affordable prices on all categories.

Boys & Girls Club Thrift

Nice kids’ selection with clothing, shoes, toys and baby gear.

Start Your Thrifting Adventure

As one of LA’s top destinations for secondhand shopping, Pasadena offers endless thrifting adventures. Now that you’re armed with the inside scoop on the area’s numerous thrift and consignment stores, it’s time to start treasure hunting!

Begin exploring the shops on this list that appeal most to your style and interests. Take time digging through the merchandise and trying on items rather than rushing. With the right expectations and positive attitude, you’re sure to uncover amazing vintage scores and stylish savings.

Part of the fun is letting each thrifting journey unfold organically based on whatever unique wares you happen upon. Thrift shopping allows us to express creativity and concern for the environment.

Next time you’re looking for something fun and fulfilling to do, gather a few friends and head to Pasadena for a thrifting extravaganza. Make a day of hitting several shops on this list, taking breaks to fuel up at the area’s cool cafes and eateries in between.

Create challenges like having each person select potential purchases for the others or setting a tight budget cap. Take photos of your best discoveries to share on social media. Swap thrift tips and future hot spot suggestions with fellow shoppers.

The options for treasure-hunting adventures are endless. What will you uncover on your next thrifting quest in Pasadena? Vintage band tour tees, a stylish designer handbag, or a one-of-a-kind art piece? The thrill is in not knowing what you’ll find until you start digging.

With its diverse range of quality resale shops benefiting great causes, Pasadena provides the perfect backdrop for meaningful thrifting excursions. Now get out there and start uncovering hidden gems! Your next exciting find is waiting to be discovered.

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