Best thrift stores in Los Angeles

The 15 Best Thrift Stores in Los Angeles: Incredible Bargains and One-of-a-Kind Treasures

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Los Angeles is a thrift store paradise. With its massive size and diverse neighborhoods, LA offers an incredible selection of secondhand and consignment shops to satisfy any bargain hunter. From undisclosed vintage gems to large warehouses overflowing with clothing, housewares and more, thrifting in LA is a wildly fun adventure.

Whether you’re looking to save money, discover rare finds, or just experience the thrill of the hunt, Los Angeles thrift stores deliver in spades. As an avid thrifter myself, I’ve scoured every corner of the city to bring you this list of the absolute best thrift stores LA has to offer. Get ready for amazing deals, jaw-dropping vintage, and quirky treasures awaiting you!

Key Takeaways

  • With its massive size and diverse neighborhoods, LA offers an incredible selection of thrift stores for bargain hunters.
  • Digging through used and discarded items to find hidden gems provides a treasure hunting rush.
  • Thrifting is a popular sustainable option that reduces waste and saves shoppers money.
  • The best thrift stores in LA were evaluated on selection, prices, organization, service, and overall atmosphere.
  • Popular picks include Out of the Closet, Buffalo Exchange, Savers, Crossroads Trading Co., and Jet Rag.
  • Off-the-beaten-path gems like LuckyVoucher and Warehouse Deals have enormous inventory for dedicated thrifters.
  • Tips for successful LA thrifting include researching locations, hitting different neighborhoods, arriving early, and keeping an open mind.
  • thrift stores in LA provide an eco-friendly way to score deals on unique vintage and modern finds.


Why Thrifting is So Popular in Los Angeles

It’s no secret that LA loves its thrift stores. The reuse and recycling aspect really appeals to eco-conscious Angelenos. Digging through racks of discarded clothes and goods to uncover hidden gems and one-of-a-kind items provides an unparalleled treasure hunting rush. Thrifting is also a great way to be frugal and find quality items on a tight budget. With the high cost of living in LA, saving money is always attractive.

Thrifting has also gained popularity as a rebellion against fast fashion. More people are recognizing the unsustainability of cheap clothing that wears out quickly and heads to landfills. Buying secondhand reduces waste and the demand for new textile production. Pre-owned clothing often has better durability too.

Whatever the reason, thrifting is ingrained in the culture here. And with the amazing selection available, it’s easy to see why LA locals and visitors alike are hooked!

How We Chose the Top 15 Thrift Stores in Los Angeles

Selecting the top thrift stores in a city as massive as Los Angeles was no easy task. I evaluated each location based on the variety and uniqueness of merchandise, overall organization, pricing and discounts offered, customer service, and the general atmosphere and layout of the store itself.

To create this list, I spent over 3 months extensively researching LA area thrift stores online and in person. I visited dozens of thrift shops across every part of the city, from Santa Monica to Silver Lake and beyond. After careful consideration, I narrowed it down to the absolute best 15 thrift stores in LA.

While many great thrift stores didn’t quite make the cut for the top 15, I’ve included some honorable mentions at the end for additional options. Now, let’s dive into the creme de la creme!

15. Goodwill – Glendale

Location: 234 N Orange St, Glendale, CA 91203

The massive Glendale Goodwill is a rare thrift chain location that feels like an independent shop. The store’s impressive size allows for far more organized departments than your average chaotic Goodwill. The glassware, books, and home decor sections are particularly excellent here. As expected with Goodwill, prices are affordable across the board.


  • Huge, clean, and organized
  • Affordable prices
  • Quality furniture and housewares
  • Impressive book selection


  • Clothing is hit or miss
  • Crowded on weekends
  • Less vintage clothing than independent stores

While the apparel sections leave something to be desired, Glendale Goodwill is still a great option for home goods and everyday basics on a budget. People have found amazing mid-century furniture pieces priced at a steal here!

14. Out of the Closet – Atwater Village

Location: 3323 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

At the top of thrift store lists across LA, Out of the Closet deserves the hype. With its bright, welcoming atmosphere and meticulously organized layout, you’ll feel right at home browsing the eclectic offerings. It’s clean and airy, lacking the musty thrift store smell.

They have an impressive collection of clothing, including designer brands like Coach and Michael Kors. Housewares are affordably priced, and petite shoppers will appreciate the small furniture collection. Sales benefit AIDS healthcare and research, inspiring staff and customers alike to lend a helping hand.


  • Bright, clean environment
  • Designer clothing tags for only $6.99
  • Weekly half-off specials
  • Accepts donations till 7pm daily


  • Pricey for a thrift store
  • Smaller furniture and housewares sections
  • Crowds on weekends

While not the cheapest, Out of the Closet is one of the most welcoming and well-curated thrift stores in LA. For shoppers who value organization and tidy displays, it’s a top contender. Their mission provides added motivation to buy and donate.

13. Buffalo Exchange – Echo Park

Location: 1622 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Boasting cool vintage threads and trendy used clothing, Buffalo Exchange is a longtime favorite for LA thrift shoppers. The Echo Park location is especially impressive, with its towering exposed-brick walls covered in colorful murals. The merchandise leans young and hipster-chic.

Expect to sift through current fast fashion mixed with 90s and Y2K trends. There’s also a tiny but well-curated accessories section. Buffalo Exchange is on the pricier side, but frequent sales help offset the cost. Overall, an ideal spot for youthful statement pieces and stylish throwbacks.


  • On-trend used clothing
  • Young, stylish vibe
  • Accessories section
  • Sales/discount offers


  • Higher prices
  • Small furniture selection
  • Caters to a younger demographic
  • Long checkout lines

For shoppers seeking urbane #OOTD pieces, Buffalo Exchange delivers. It’s the perfect place to channel boho-chic Coachella vibes or 90s grunge revival style on a budget.

12. The ARC Thrift Stores

With several locations across LA County, ARC Thrift Stores benefit programs supporting people with developmental disabilities. Their mission fuels an uplifting shopping environment with friendly service. Of the locations, I’m especially partial to those in Mid City, Culver City, and Monrovia.

The stores offer everything from budget apparel to furniture, plus value-minded prices. The color coded layouts help you easily zero in on your categories of interest. Be sure to ask about any current sales at the register!


  • Supporting an important cause
  • Helpful staff
  • Value-focused pricing
  • Color coded sections
  • Multiple locations


  • More everyday basics than unique vintage
  • Variety depends on donations
  • Can be disorganized

For feel-good thrifting on a budget, ARC Thrift Stores are a win-win. Not every trip will yield incredible finds, but the prices make it worth stopping by frequently.

11. Crossroads Trading Co. – Melrose Ave

Location: 7409 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Crossroads Trading Co. mixes contemporary and vintage clothing with an LA influencer vibe. Their Melrose Ave locale lays on the trendiness extra thick, while also delivering great merchandise. Lots of current styles, designer denim, and chic accessories fill the racks and displays.

As a high-end reseller, Crossroads is pricier than traditional thrift stores. But frequent sales and loyalty rewards help balance the costs. Staff advise customers on current buy rates and payouts for items they’re looking to sell. Overall, a solid spot to both buy and sell stylish wearables from casual to cocktail attire.


  • Trendy used clothing and accessories
  • Buy, sell, trade options
  • Fun LA/influencer aesthetic
  • Online buying


  • On the expensive side
  • More reseller than donation-based
  • Smaller furniture inventory
  • Often crowded

For shoppers seeking contemporary apparel with a touch of glam, Crossroads Melrose location shines. Prepare to splurge a little for covetable LA-cool pieces.

10. American Vintage – Long Beach

Location: 240 Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

Tucked away in Long Beach, American Vintage offers a perfectly curated collection of high-end thrifted wares. The merch feels tailor-made for vintage lovers who appreciate quality over chaos. There’s plenty of oooh and aaah moments uncovering pristine retro finds.

While not huge, American Vintage makes use of every inch of space. Housewares and collectibles are staged artfully. The clothing strikes an upscale balance between modern and decades past. Prices skew higher but so does the unique item quality, making it worthwhile for serious thrifters.


  • Beautiful organization
  • Hand-selected for quality
  • Higher end vintage
  • Friendly longtime staff


  • Pricier
  • Smaller store size
  • Limited parking

For a tranquil thrifting experience with no junk in sight, American Vintage is a must-visit. Expect to gawk over the astonishing vintage wearables and accessories here.

9. Savers Thrift Store – Northridge

Location: 9301 Tampa Ave, Northridge, CA 91324

Of all the Savers locations, the Northridge store stands out as exceptional. The sheer volume of merchandise here guarantees an action-packed hunt for hidden thrift gems. Given the chaos, having patience to dig is key. But oh, the treasures you can unearth!

There’s ample parking for the giant warehouse space overflowing with inventory. All the departments deliver: clothing, shoes, books, housewares, furniture, toys, electronics, and more. Pricing is affordable too.


  • Huge selection across all categories
  • Great prices
  • Fun, unpredictable hunt
  • Discount day on Tuesdays
  • Easy parking


  • Overwhelming disorganization
  • Hit or miss staff
  • Long checkout lines
  • Cluttered aisles

For thrift store fans unfazed by messy racks and piles, Savers Northridge is thrifting nirvana. The massive inventory makes it worth braving the crowds to unearth unexpected finds.

8. Thrift Trader – Sherman Oaks

Location: 14020 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA 91401

Thrift Trader surprises with its organization and curation for a giant thrift warehouse. The store manages to feel both big-box and boutique. An entire department of glass-cased collectibles and antiques shows an attention to detail not found in many LA thrift spots.

Of course there’s also plenty of hit-or-miss apparel racks and aisles of electronics and housewares to paw through. Regular 50% off sales make already fair prices even better deals. Don’t miss this gem of a store in the San Fernando Valley.


  • Organized sections despite large size
  • Excellent collectibles department
  • Continual discount deals
  • Huge furniture selection
  • Helpful staff


  • Clothing is hit or miss
  • Long waits at checkout
  • Limited parking

For a wide range of goods including impressive collectibles, Thrift Trader should top your list. The plethora of departments make for a fun and fruitful thrifting adventure.

7. Angel City Thrift – Glendale

Location: 128 W Glendale Ave, Glendale, CA 91205

Far from pretentious despite the fancy name, Angel City Thrift charms with its jumbled labyrinth layout across two floors. The sheer amount of stuff crammed into the space is staggering. Unlike curated shops, half the fun is navigating the teetering piles to uncover buried gems.

Clothing, shoes, books, vinyl records, furniture, housewares – you name it, it’s overflowing here. While chaotic, bargains abound if you put in some elbow grease. Be sure to peek upstairs and outside too. The $1 clearance rack is a thrifter’s dream!


  • Tons of inventory to sift through
  • Unique items from floor to ceiling
  • Killer deals and bargain bins
  • Vintage and modern mixed together


  • No organization system whatsoever
  • Hit or miss service
  • Cramped, cluttered quarters
  • Must dig for great finds

For brave souls excited by haphazard heaps of random relics, Angel City Thrift should top your LA thrifting list. Treasures over-floweth here for dedicated shoppers!

6. Harvest House Thrift – Pasadena

Location: 860 E Villa St, Pasadena, CA 91101

Charmingly tucked amidst tree-lined Pasadena streets, Harvest House Thrift delights. The cozy cottage layout encourages leisurely thrifting. You’re bound to overhear delighted gasps as shoppers uncover ornate china sets and dazzling jewelry from bygone eras.

Everything feels lovingly hand-selected, from antique furniture to vintage cocktail dresses. The curation extends to artwork, fabrics, and vinyl records too. While not cheap, Harvest House has a knack for high-quality pieces worth investing in. Don’t miss their monthly late night events on third Thursdays.


  • Curated vintage and antiques
  • Inviting small house setting
  • Monthly late night shopping/drinks
  • Hidden treasures at every turn
  • Friendly regulars and staff


  • Pricier
  • Smaller parking lot
  • Less everyday clothing
  • Can get crowded

For a whimsical thrifting adventure focusing on decades past, Pasadena’s Harvest House Thrift dazzles. The finds here feel meant for you alone.

5. Jet Rag – Hollywood

Location: 825 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Legendary among LA thrift shops, Jet Rag has earned its cult status for good reason. Since 1975 they’ve catered to vintage lovers seeking one-of-a-kind threads. Their curated collection of retro and modern clothing stands leagues above typical thrift store fare.

The two-story space is packed with racks, making for prime browsing. Prices skew higher but so does the uniqueness of merchandise. They also buy covetable vintage clothing and accessories. Expect to leave with at least one incredible conversation-starting find.


  • Epic vintage clothing selection
  • Buy, sell, trade options
  • Trendy Hollywood vibe
  • Celeb sightings
  • Friendly and helpful staff


  • Higher prices
  • Limited furniture and housewares
  • Very crowded on weekends
  • Mostly clothing focused

For jaw-dropping vintage clothing, Jet Rag delivers the goods. With lore rivaling its impressive inventory, it’s a must-visit Los Angeles thrifting institution.

4. Greyhound LA – Highland Park

Location: 5600 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90042

Far from a bustling depot, Greyhound LA breathes new life into a former bus terminal. The sprawling space spotlights curated racks of quality recycled fashion alongside a coffee bar and eatery. The grounds even include an outdoor cocktail lounge.

Beyond just clothes, Greyhound LA stocks home goods, furniture, accessories, and beauty products with a focus on sustainability. There’s also a gallery for local artists. Prices hover mid-range, but occasional sidewalk sales offer deals.


  • Massive size with coffee shop
  • Sustainable focus
  • Outdoor cocktail lounge
  • Local art gallery
  • Curation over clutter


  • Pricier for thrift
  • Limited parking
  • Less discount deals than other shops
  • More boutique than thrift warehouse

For an elevated thrifting experience paired with lattes, cocktails, and cool art, make the Highland Park trip to Greyhound LA. There’s nothing else quite like it in LA!

3. Warehouse Deals – Marina Del Rey

Location: 13415 Washington Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Tucked away in an unassuming Marina Del Rey business complex, Warehouse Deals is a whopper of a hidden gem. The sparse exterior belies the vast selection within. We’re talking room after room of floor-to-ceiling salvaged merchandise spanning all categories.

Furniture, clothing, housewares, books, DVDs, artwork, antiques – it’s a packed treasure trove. There’s new inventory daily, keeping each visit fresh and unpredictable. While not organized, the dirt cheap pricing offsets any hunting frustration. This spot is thrifting gold!


  • Endless rooms bursting with inventory
  • New items put out daily
  • Extremely cheap prices
  • All types of products
  • Good parking


  • Zero organization
  • Overwhelmingly crowded
  • Hit or miss service
  • Need patience to uncover great finds

For shoppers craving the ultimate thrift adventure, Warehouse Deals is peak treasure hunting. The sheer volume inside will blow your mind. Just be ready to commit some time digging.

2. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store – Los Feliz

Location: 3309 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Among LA’s finest thrift stores, St. Vincent de Paul in Los Feliz offers the whole package. From airy design to quality curation, each detail delights. Merchandise is sectioned into vignettes by color rather than jam-packed onto racks. It encourages leisurely browsing and dreamy Pinterest-style inspiration.

The sizeable vintage section is phenomenal, rivaling boutique prices with thrift store discounts. Clean organization carries over into glassware, books, and housewares too. This peaceful thrift spot will recharge your vintage hunting vibes.


  • Items beautifully organized by color
  • Huge vintage and designer sections
  • Minimalist exterior and interior
  • New inventory daily
  • Helpful knowledgeable staff


  • Higher prices than average thrift
  • Smaller furniture collection
  • Parking lot fills up quickly
  • Can be slow-paced for some

For thrift shopping that feels like an art gallery mixed with a Magazine spread, St. Vincent de Paul raises the bar. Every inch feels thoughtfully merchandised just for you.

1. LuckyVoucher – Long Beach

Location: 521 W Willow St, Long Beach, CA 90806

And now, the pièce de résistance of Los Angeles thrift stores – LuckyVoucher in Long Beach. From the outside it looks like any old warehouse. But step inside and prepare to have your thrifting world rocked. This sprawling thrift mecca holds every imaginable category of goods.

The setup has departments for electronics, furniture, housewares, clothing, shoes, books/DVDs, toys, hardware, artwork – you name it. There are even vending machines to dispense “Lucky Vouchers”, aka discount coupons. Genius!


  • Unparalleled selection across all products
  • Warehouse layout with vast inventory
  • Discount voucher system
  • New items put out constantly
  • Cheap prices with regular sales


  • Complete chaos layout
  • Overwhelming size
  • Parking lot gets full
  • Long checkout lines

For the thrift enthusiast unfazed by a total lack of organization and rabid crowds, LuckyVoucher is peak treasure hunting paradise. The nonstop variety will have you giddy as a lottery winner! Consider yourself majorly lucky to thrift here.

Honorable Mentions

While not in the top 15, these LA thrift stores are still worth checking out:

  • Goodwill Santa Monica – Large size and frequent sales
  • Assistance League Pasadena – Upscale thrift supporting local kids
  • Habitat For Humanity ReStore – Discount home improvement supplies
  • Garment District – Costume and vintage clothing treasure trove
  • Round Again Fashions – Eco-conscious thrift chain, multiple locations
  • Angel Bins – Massive messy warehouse, incredibly cheap
  • Our Thrift Store – Small nonprofit with heart, lots of clothes

Tips for Shopping Thrift Stores in LA

To maximize your adventures thrifting across Los Angeles, keep these tips in mind:

  • Do your research ahead of time to map out thrift stores in each neighborhood you’ll visit. This helps you plan a logical route.
  • Hit different areas in one long outing, like Downtown LA, Silver Lake, and Pasadena. Various neighborhoods have distinct vibes and strengths.
  • Arrive at opening time on freshly stocked days for the best selection. Many thrift stores put new items on the floor first thing in the morning.
  • Be thorough trying on clothing and inspecting items closely for defects, stains, or other wear and tear. Check all zippers, buttons, electronics, etc.
  • Sign up for any loyalty programs or newsletters so you’ll be notified of upcoming sales or special members-only deals. Even big warehouse thrifts often have great discount offers if you join.
  • Keep an open mind about brands, sizes, styles, and uses for items. Part of the fun is experimenting with unexpected discoveries!

Final Thoughts on Finding Thrift Stores  in Los Angeles

As an avid LA thrift shopper, I’m continually impressed by the quality and variety available across this sprawling city. Even after scouring shops for years, I still stumble upon hole-in-the-wall gems and uncover unique vintage pieces on each new adventure.

Along with scoring bargains and long lost treasures, thrifting provides an eco-friendly way to refresh your wardrobe and home. Purchasing pre-owned goods reduces waste, saves resources, and gives items renewed life. Plus, the thrill of the hunt for hidden finds taps into our inner treasure seeker!

I hope this guide to the top thrift stores in Los Angeles helps you start planning your own epic bargain hunting journeys. Happy thrifting!

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