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The 10 Best Thrift Stores in Long Beach, California for Incredible Bargains!

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Thrifting and vintage shopping have long been popular pastimes in the eclectic beach town of Long Beach, California. Known for its thriving art community, quirky small businesses, and laidback vibe, Long Beach offers the perfect backdrop for secondhand shopping.

With its retro architecture, funky boutiques, and abundance of non-profit resale shops, Long Beach provides a treasure trove of thrifting opportunities. In this comprehensive guide, we will uncover the 10 best thrift stores in Long Beach, so you can experience the thrill of the hunt while saving money and giving back.

Key Takeaways

Thrifting in Long Beach offers abundant options for bargain hunters seeking exciting treasures and giving back to the community. This comprehensive guide distills need-to-know details for thrifting triumph:

  • Scout Assistance League Thrift for designer brands at thrift prices to build high-end wardrobes affordably
  • Prioritize Goodwill first when furnishing apartments or dorm rooms stylishly on a budget
  • Treasures spanning antiques, oddities, and retro decor fill Atherton Mercantile for vintage flair
  • Those needing everyday essentials for less find deals galore at St. Vincent de Paul and Clark Thrift
  • Both collectors and casual thrifters uncover surprises in Fourth Street Long Beach Thrift’s vast warehouse
  • Beacon House Thrift supports an important cause while delivering curated collectibles, jewelry, and designer finds
  • Vintage clothing devotees find indie and retro looks hand selected by decade at Meow Vintage Shop
  • eclecticFONT provides luxe historic fashions from the 1920s forward in a refined boutique setting
  • Funky midcentury furnishings and wildly creative decor shine at charming Treasure Trove Thrift Shop
  • Knowledge of categories, sales, and policies helps you thrift like a pro!

With this guide to Long Beach’s best thrift stores, anyone can tap into terrific treasures while enjoying the hunt.


Why Thrifting is So Popular in Long Beach

Long Beach has a long love affair with thrifting culture. Back in the late 1990s, the city designated an area filled with 20th-century architecture along 4th Street as “Retro Row.” This kitschy commercial strip, located just a few blocks from the beach, exploded with antique shops, used bookstores, vintage boutiques, and quirky coffee houses.

Retro Row became a hub for artists, hipsters, and bargain hunters alike to congregate and search for unique treasures. The vintage vibe expanded beyond Retro Row, with thrift stores popping up throughout Long Beach eager to supply shoppers with secondhand scores.

  • Part of the appeal of thrifting in Long Beach stems from the excitement of never knowing what hidden gems you might uncover on a visit. Thrift stores offer an unpredictable, ever-changing array of merchandise. One trip may reveal a vintage Hawaiian shirt and funky lamp, while the next unearths designer heels and collectible action figures. The treasure hunt thrill of thrifting keeps devotees coming back.


  • Of course, the affordability of shopping secondhand also drives Long Beach residents to frequent thrift spots. With most items priced under $10, and some as low as $1, you can decorate your home, revamp your wardrobe, and amass great books and records without breaking the bank.


  • Thrifting allows shoppers to tap into trends or try unique styles they may not have purchased brand new. The low prices make it easy to take a chance on something different without feeling buyer’s remorse.


  • Sustainability is another factor behind the thrift boom in Long Beach. Buying and donating used goods diverts items away from landfills. Reusing household goods, clothing, books and more embodies eco-conscious living. Many thrift stores in Long Beach support charities too, so secondhand shopping gives back.

Our Methodology for Choosing the Best Thrift Stores

To compile this list of Long Beach’s top thrift spots, we visited numerous thrift and consignment stores in the area. We evaluated each location based on the following criteria:

  • Selection – the variety, uniqueness and quality of merchandise offered
  • Organization – how logically merchandise was grouped and displayed
  • Prices – affordability and pricing structure for different categories
  • Customer service – friendliness, knowledge and helpfulness of staff
  • Parking – convenience and cost of parking

We also made sure to highlight thrift stores with specialties that make them stand out, like certain eras of vintage clothing or categories of collectibles. Stores supporting charitable causes rose to the top as well.

The following list reflects thrift stores excelling in these criteria, offering an amazing thrifting experience for Long Beach shoppers. Let’s uncover the top 10 best spots for secondhand shopping in Long Beach, CA!

The Top 10 Best Thrift Stores in Long Beach

1. Goodwill

The massive Goodwill location on Pacific Coast Highway tops our list as the best all-around thrift store in Long Beach. Part of the nationwide Goodwill chain, this thrifting emporium lives up to the hype.

Shoppers are greeted by neatly organized departments spanning everything from clothing and shoes to housewares, books, toys, furniture and electronics. Goodwill’s immense size translates into an incredible selection, with new donations coming in daily.

One walk through the clothing racks reveals designer brands like Ann Taylor and Coach mixed in with everyday fast fashion labels. Make sure to scope out the “Boutique” section for higher-end finds.

Prices at Goodwill are delightfully low, with most clothing under $10 and household items just a few dollars. Large furniture pieces are deal for around $20-50. Check your receipts for any weekly sales promotions.

The store’s simple layout makes navigating different categories a breeze. Helpful signs point you toward men’s, women’s, children’s, shoes, accessories, books, collectibles, toys, electronics, housewares, furniture and more. Be sure to peek down every aisle! Parking is equally stress-free in the massive free lot.

While the chaotic piles typical of some thrift stores can feel daunting, Goodwill’s logical organization streamlines treasure hunting. The sheer volume of merchandise means surprises await in every section. Goodwill’s affordable prices and constantly replenished inventory cement its status as one of the best thrift stores in Long Beach.

2. Assistance League Thrift Shop

For shoppers seeking upscale thrift finds, Assistance League Thrift Shop is a must-visit. This charitable consignment store located off Bellflower Blvd specializes in gently used designer clothing, handbags, jewelry, furniture and household items.

The merchandising reflects Assistance League’s elevated aesthetic. Clothing hangs neatly organized by size on circular racks, making flipping through the high-end labels enjoyable. The shoe shelves display styles in orderly rows by size. Designer handbags shine in pristine condition.

The household section impresses with fine china, vases, and decorative items looking as lovely as in a traditional retail store. Sofas, chairs, tables, and dressers boast clean classic lines. Well-made furniture in great condition makes selecting easy.

Prices remain affordable despite the luxurious ambiance. Clothing generally ranges $10-30, incredible for brands like Anthropologie, J Crew, and Michael Kors. Shoes are around $20-40 for names like Coach and Calvin Klein. Housewares and decorative items start at just a few dollars. While furniture costs more than a typical thrift store, a Restoration Hardware sofa for $300 is much cheaper than retail.

Assistance League Thrift Shop combines the thrill of thrifting with the refined curation of upscale consignment. Brand-conscious fashionistas on a budget will be in heaven. All proceeds benefit Assistance League’s philanthropic programs, making your purchases doubly fulfilling.

3. Atherton Mercantile

Funky, eclectic, and exuding vintage charm – that’s Atherton Mercantile in North Long Beach. Located along the dynamic Retro Row, Atherton’s premise is part thrift store, part antique emporium.

Step inside to find an expansive selection of vintage and antique furniture, home decor, and one-of-a-kind oddities. Mid-century buffs will drool over the swanky selections of Danish-style teak credenzas, side tables, and chairs priced around $100-300. Industrial styles like lockers and warehouse carts offer urban accent pieces.

Beyond furniture, Atherton stocks antique carnival mirrors, macrame wall hangings, funky lamps, leather poufs, and Persian rugs. Those seeking bohemian flair will delight in the room showcasing embroidered tapestries and beaded curtains.

Sprinkled among the decor, shoppers can browse vinyl records, vintage books, collectible Barbies, and unique jewelry. Quirky miniatures, rock specimens, and medical antiques provide additional curiosities. Expect to stumble upon small oddities from eras past, like 1970s lunch boxes or 1940s View-Master reels.

With so many categories spanning diverse decades, Atherton Mercantile promises a visual feast for vintage lovers. Wandering the multi-room space feels like exploring your stylish grandparent’s attic. Be prepared to navigate some clutter and dust as you hunt for past treasures. Given the store’s charming ambiance and interesting finds, Atherton ranks among Long Beach’s most appealing thrift shops.

4. Beacon House Thrift Shop

Benefitting the Beacon House Association serving the HIV/AIDS community, this charity thrift shop warrants a place on our list for its warm mission and fabulous finds.

Beacon House Thrift Shop charms with its small-scale neighborhood vibe yet delivers an impressive selection across numerous collectible categories. An entire wall displays curated vintage clothing like rock tees from the 70s and designer pieces from the 90s. The glass jewelry case dazzles with real pearls, funky brooches, and glittering costume pieces.

Those seeking furnishings will uncover chic tables, floral couches, and ornate lamps, most around $50-100. Vintage Pyrex containers and classic board games like Clue provide additional nostalgia.

Beacon House Thrift really shines with its collectibles. Entire shelves feature rare action figures, trading cards, comic books, and tin toys. Visitors can browse decades of National Geographic magazines. The shop stocks a “Collector’s Corner” of one-of-a-kind oddities too.

While compact, Beacon House packs a punch with treasures spanning eras. Shopping here proves doubly fulfilling, knowing funds assist people affected by HIV/AIDS. The friendly staff help make this little shop a Long Beach gem.

5. Clark Thrift Store

Supported by the Christian Outreach in Action (COA) organization, Clark Thrift Store in East Long Beach provides an excellent bargain hunting spot. The large thrift sells clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, books, music, furniture, electronics, housewares and home decor.

The merchandise at Clark Thrift hits that sweet spot between curated and chaotic. The store strikes a balance between organized displays and bins packed with hidden treasures. Shoppers will need patience to sift through the tightly-packed racks and shelves in order to uncover buried gems.

COA’s mission of compassion shines through in the low prices, making Clark Thrift especially ideal for families and budget shoppers. T-shirts can be as little as $2 and children’s items $1. Adults shoes start at $4-5 and kids’ shoes just $1. Frugal home decorators will appreciate picture frames for fifty cents and vases for a quarter.

While the selection includes everyday basics, dedicated diggers will also uncover great scores like Fossil watches for $20 and Coach bags for $25. The tight aisles hold treasures for those willing to search. Visit on Sundays for 50% off clothing to maximize deals. Supporting COA’s food and housing relief programs makes shopping at Clark Thrift additionally rewarding.

6. St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store

Providing gently used goods to those in need, St. Vincent de Paul operates several thrift stores throughout Long Beach. The location on Willow Street stands out for its well-curated (if chaotic) selection reflecting everyday essentials with a sprinkling of higher end wares.

Thrifty fashionistas can assemble casual and business wardrobes from the jam-packed clothing racks sorted by size and style. Ample plus-size and children’s options set this location apart. While fast fashion abounds, devoted diggers will unearth designer brands from time to time. Those needing shoes can choose from thousands of options starting around $6 a pair.

Domestics also delivers here, with dishes, cutlery, small kitchen appliances, linens, and home decor supplies for just a few dollars. Furniture spans both utilitarian basics like mattresses and dressers along with finer antique bedroom and dining sets at reasonable prices.

The value reflects in the continuous crowds of shoppers. Vincent de Paul’s weekly 50% off color tag sales help boost bargains. Sign up for email coupons on their website too.

While the sheer volume of stuff feels overwhelming, Vincent de Paul rewards persistent shoppers with household essentials and surprises. Sales help stretch limited budgets even further. Your purchases fund St. Vincent’s homeless services programs, making secondhand finds twice as rewarding.

7. Treasure Trove Thrift Shop

Tucked amid Long Beach’s eccentric Retro Row, this compact thrift store packs its small corner space with huge personality. Treasure Trove Thrift Shop specializes in funky vintage furnishings, lighting, and knickknacks.

Mid-century enthusiasts will swoon over the Atomic Age end tables, light-up starburst clocks, and kidney-shaped vanities on offer. Colorful stained glass lamps emit bohemian charm. The assortment shifts constantly but might include pink velvet fainting couches one week and psychedelic print armchairs the next. Pricing ranges $40-150 for chairs and sofas.

Smaller vintage goods like salt-glaze pottery, retro tin lunchboxes, and Japanese teacups promise equally quirky finds. Holiday decorations, aprons, and fabric bolts offer additional old-school fun. With the right vintage outfit, you could channel a glam 50s housewife here.

Treasure Trove provides a manageable, curated version of the traditional thrift store hunt on Retro Row. The sweet owner gladly offers decorating tips too. Come prepared to find fantastic deals on fabulous thrifted furnishings!

8. Meow Vintage Shop

Vintage fashion devotees can fulfill their retro fashion fantasies at Meow Vintage Shop along 4th Street’s row of resale retailers. As the name implies, this hip boutique delivers curated throwback styles with a modern, indie vibe.

The owner hand selects quality clothing representing eras from the 1920s to the 1990s. Shoppers can browse elegant flapper dresses, psychedelic 60s mini skirts, disco pants, retro athletic wear, and grungy 90s plaid. Meow excels at sourcing indie, rock n’ roll, punk, goth, and boho looks from past decades back into rotation.

Beyond apparel, Meow stocks shelves of era-evoking accessories. Retro cat eye sunglasses, fringed shawls, glam costume jewelry, and chunky shoes expand your vintage ensemble. Petite shoppers will appreciate the store’s collection of true vintage clothes, as modern “vintage style” clothing tends to only run in standard sizes.

With its they’ve-thought-of-everything curation, Meow Vintage provides a charmingly compact source for vintage and retro fashion in Long Beach. Be prepared to spend $40-100 on most clothing pieces. Building a vintage wardrobe does cost more than average thrift pricing, but still less than comparable new clothing.

9. Fourth Street Long Beach Thrift

The largest thrift store along Retro Row, Fourth Street Thrift provides the consummate traditional thrifting experience. The giant warehouse space houses endless aisles of ever-changing merchandise to uncover.

Clothing and shoes fill about half the store, spanning everyday brands to niche boutique finds. Men’s and women’s styles sort by size rather than type, making browsing efficient if overwhelming. Beyond apparel, Fourth Street contains entire rooms for media, collectibles, books, toys, and housewares.

Dedicated thrifters will appreciate how Fourth Street organizes categories into select rooms. Searching for brass candleholders or jazz records? Head right to housewares or media rather than sifting through everything. Those seeking clothing should still expect to peruse the endless racks and piles.

Given its proximity to Retro Row, mid-century collectibles find their way to Fourth Street often. Comic books, action figures, vintage electronics, and board games fill any collector’s desires. Crafters and DIYers can load up on fabric bolts, craft supplies, and eccentic home decor items on the cheap.

While daunting, Fourth Street’s category sorting rewards committed treasure hunters with specific wants. The sheer volume ensures perseverance pays off for general bargain browsers too. Locals consider this expansive warehouse a Long Beach thrifting rite of passage.

10. eclecticFONT Vintage Thrift

Tucked in the Lafayette Plaza strip mall along Pacific Coast Hwy, eclecticFONT offers a meticulously curated selection of quality vintage clothing and accessories. The boutique interior provides a refined backdrop for shopping styles spanning decades.

Incredible finds from the 1940s to the 2000s hang organized by era and type. Shoppers can browse elegant beaded flapper dresses, bold power suits with shoulder pads, slinky 1970s Halston gowns, and babydoll party looks from the 1990s. Contemporary clubwear and indie looks from the past decade keep the inventory fresh.

The selection balances high-end labels like Chanel alongside thrift store brand scores. No matter the original price tag, each garment gets evaluated for condition and style by the discerning owner. Outcomes include midcentury party dresses around $68 and 90s designer jeans for $58. While not cheap, these prices beat vintage retailer markup yet reward her selectivity.

Beyond apparel, eclecticFONT stocks shelves of fun accessories like retro sunglasses, glitzy earrings, floppy hats, and designer handbags. The breadth of merchandise feels akin to a rolling history of 20th century style. For curated vintage looks, eclecticFONT is Long Beach’s finest.

Tips for Shopping at Long Beach Thrift Stores

To maximize your thrifting yields while having fun, keep these tips in mind:

  • Measure furniture, clothing, and home decor you wish to replace before visiting. Knowing exact dimensions helps you evaluate pieces.
  • Ask staff when special sales occur. Many thrift stores run weekly discounts on certain categories.
  • Bring reusable shopping bags to cut down on plastic use. Most provide bags for a small fee.
  • Handle merchandise with care. Refold and re-hang items neatly to help staff.
  • When trying on, be mindful of store dressing room limits. Only bring in items you genuinely may purchase.
  • Don’t dismiss unfamiliar styles or eras. Part of thrifting’s magic is broadening your aesthetic!
  • Search systematically yet open-mindedly. Treasures can appear in odd spots mixed with less desirable items. Dig deep.
  • Carefully inspect items for flaws not immediately noticeable. Check for stains, tears, missing pieces, odors, etc.
  • Know sizing, especially for vintage clothes, may differ from modern standard sizing. Try things on.
  • Ask about return policies. Some thrift stores only offer store credit for returns or exchanges.
  • Follow your favorite thrift shops on social media. Many post updates on inventory, promotions, and sales.
  • Most importantly, have fun! Thrifting involves equal parts treasure hunt and serendipity. Enjoy the experience.

Long Beach Thrift Stores By Category

Long Beach offers a diversity of secondhand stores tailoring to specific interests. Here are some top spots by category:

Vintage Furniture and Home Decor

  • Atherton Mercantile – Midcentury, industrial, and antique home furnishings
  • Treasure Trove Thrift Shop – Vintage couches, lighting, and retro knickknacks
  • eclecticFONT – In addition to clothes, find retro bar carts, ornate mirrors, funky lamps

Discount Books, Records, and Media

  • Fourth Street Long Beach Thrift – Entire floor of books, vinyl records, CDs, DVDs
  • Clark Thrift Store – Extensive selection of books and media at ultra-low prices
  • Goodwill – Decent used book and vinyl selection among other categories

Antiques and Collectibles

  • Beacon House Thrift Shop – Specialty collectibles like comic books, vintage toys, rare magazines
  • Meow Vintage – In addition to clothes, stocks jewelry, sunglasses, and fun retro accessories
  • Atherton Mercantile – Unique antique medical items, carnival artifacts, and more

Vintage and Retro Clothing & Accessories

  • Meow Vintage Shop – Curated indie and retro clothing from 1920s to 1990s
  • eclecticFONT – Meticulously selected high-end vintage clothing and accessories
  • Assistance League Thrift – Designer clothing, handbags, shoes
  • Beacon House Thrift – Vintage rock tees and other retro fashion

Luxury Brands on a Budget

  • Assistance League Thrift – Discounted designer clothing, handbags, jewelry from likes of Michael Kors, Coach
  • Goodwill – Sections like the boutique and jewelry counter house upscale donations
  • St. Vincent de Paul – Higher end furniture and the occasional designer item

Quirky and Funky Finds

  • Atherton Mercantile – Unique antiques, medical oddities, obscure collectibles
  • Treasure Trove Thrift – Kitschy, bold midcentury furniture and lighting
  • Fourth Street Long Beach Thrift – Surprising objects in the clothing and random knickknacks

Everyday Basics on a Dime

  • Clark Thrift Store – Incredibly low prices on clothing, shoes, household items
  • St. Vincent de Paul Thrift – Affordable everyday needs for home and family
  • Goodwill – Extensive selection of budget-friendly clothing, furniture, housewares

Supporting Charity Through Shopping

  • Assistance League Thrift – Proceeds benefit philanthropy supporting children and families
  • Beacon House Thrift Shop – Funds support people affected by HIV/AIDS
  • St. Vincent de Paul Thrift – Sales assist homeless services and hunger relief programs
  • Goodwill Southern California – Provides job training, education, and more community services

More Great Secondhand Shopping in Long Beach

Beyond thrift stores, Long Beach offers additional options for pre-loved scores:

Consignment Boutiques

  • Abbey Dawn Consignment – Women’s designer clothing and accessories
  • Plato’s Closet – Trendy gently used apparel for teens and young adults
  • Clothes Mentor – Specialty women’s contemporary and business wear

Pawn Shops

  • Super Pawn – Electronics, tools, jewelry, and more
  • Long Beach Jewelry & Loan – Collateral loans plus affordable jewelry

Flea Markets and Swap Meets

  • Long Beach Antique Market – Monthly outdoor flea with vintage wares
  • Long Beach Veterans Stadium Swap Meet – Huge weekend outdoor market

Estate Sales

  • Estate Sales By Doc – Sales held at properties around Long Beach
  • Marks Local Sales – Specializing in midcentury estate furnishings

Online Resale

  • Facebook Marketplace – Meet locals to buy and sell used goods
  • OfferUp – Browse virtual yard sale listings in your area
  • Craigslist – Long Beach page offering used items for sale

The Hunt for Thrifting Treasures in Long Beach Awaits!

Long Beach provides a thrifting paradise whether you’re a seasoned treasure hunter or new to bargain browsing. Now armed with knowledge on the top spots, you can embark on secondhand shopping adventures in this vibrant coastal city.

Vintage shops, consignment stores, massive warehouses, and tiny nonprofit gems all help Long Beach thrift stores thrive. The diversity provides something for every style and budget. Check an option or two off this list each weekend and before you know it, you’ll have explored them all!

Thrifting excels as an affordable, sustainable way to refresh your look and home. Beyond the savings and environmental benefits, thrifting gifts the joy of discovery – you never know what forgotten gems you might uncover. We hope our guide to the best thrift stores in Long Beach inspires your own hunt for secondhand treasures.

Let us know in the comments if we missed any of your favorite Long Beach thrifting hot spots! We’ll keep searching for new additions to share so you can keep on thrifting in this breezy, creative beach city.

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